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Half-Life: Alyx – Mit der Half-Life: Incursion Mod bekommt ihr ein wellenbasiertes Spielerlebnis

Half-Life: Alyx bekam eine sehr interessante Mod. Drei Entwickler haben am 4. Juli, per Steam, die Half-Life: Incursion-Mod, für Half-Life: Alyx, veröffentlicht. Half-Life: Incursion ist ein wellenbasiertes Spielerlebnis, das eine größere Herausforderung bietet als das reguläre Spiel.

Über das Spiel!

Gameplay PremiseWhen Alyx Vance is caught on the wrong side of the Quarantine Zone, she has only her wits, guns, and Russell to help her get back to City 17. But it won’t be easy: the Combine have her trapped at one of their checkpoints, and she’ll need to manage her resources and use clever tactics to escape…or stick around for some target practice.

ScavengeThere are plenty of resources scattered around the area, be it resin, ammo, health, or weapons caches. If you look hard enough, you may find some well-hidden resources that could give you a leg-up in your fight.

UpgradeFortunately there’s a Combine fabricator located nearby. Use it to your advantage if you can catch a break. Go from only carrying Russell’s old pistol to wielding a fully kitted-out arsenal of your choosing.

ImproviseYou will inevitably run low on resources from time to time, but there are plenty of opportunities for improvisation.

SurviveThis will be a challenging fight. The odds are against you and you’ve been backed into a corner. Use your experience from the campaign to get an edge over the Combine.

Gameplay Features

  • An hour-long campaign with non-linear objectives; choose your upgrade and weapon progression route.
  • An open arena with randomized enemy spawns locations, signified by an alarm and a Combine forcefield.
  • Randomized ammo and resin spawns to vary each playthrough.
  • Deployable tripmines; place them strategically to improve your chances.
  • A high fidelity environment to fight in, meant to emulate the quality of the main campagin.

Quelle: Steam

Wer eine Story Mod für Half-Life Alyx sucht, sollte auf jeden Fall die LEVITATION Mod im Auge behalten!

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